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World’s Sexiest Man?

This was a PR and SEO link building exercise commissioned by Propellernet for

It generated quite a number of links through their successful digital PR sell-in. The most successful digital PR initiative I’ve seen to date.

I wrote the below copy with statistics collected from 4,000 Gaydar guys.
I’ll let you make up your own opinion about whether this truly is the sexiest man created…


How many heterosexual surveys have you seen with straight women choosing the world’s sexiest man?

No offense to our straight sisters, you’re not often wrong, but we’re taking the leather harness here and going one step further by building our own – from the gay male perspective.

So we rounded up 4,000 of you and asked you what your ultimate man would be like and here’s what you came up with:



Starting with the face, the most voted combination was Brad Pitt’s smile, Gerard Butler’s voice, Jake Gyllenhaal’s eye and nose, Zac Effron’s hairstyle, Tom Hardy’s lips and Jason Statham’s jaw.


Not just a pretty face, the sexiest man would be fortunate enough to have Ben Cohen’s chest, Taylor Lautner’s stomach, Ronaldo’s butt, Hugh Jackman’s biceps and personality, as well as David Beckham’s legs, tattoos and wealth (no shame, you lot).

And here’s confirmation, as if you needed it, Gaydar guys are suckers for a pretty face (and softies too) as smile and eyes were the second most important factor – with 14% and 13% votes respectively.






It wasn’t all about looks and personality, we asked you the deep stuff.

Personality and talent are also important with guys choosing their ideal man to posses Gerard Butler’s personality, David Beckham’s sex appeal, Amir Khan’s sporting prowess and Jude Law’s dress sense.

You told us that David Beckham is the celebrity you would most want to introduce to your parents (12.7%), Zach Effron was voted most likely to take out clubbing (8.6%), Jake Gyllenhaal most likely to share a romantic meal with (9.4%) and nearly 20% of you want to avoid Chris Evans and Ronaldo. What have they done to you guys?!

Gaydar guys also were forthcoming with their own list of men they found sexy – Tom Daley, Rylan Clarke and one guy confessed his love for Ainsley Harriott.

What do you think? Is this the sexiest man?





Photo Credit: Gerard Butler via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Jude Law via via Compfight cc