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OkCupid VS Firefox

This picture is doing the rounds on the internet and it’s brilliant for all sorts of reasons.
Obviously there’s the support for the LGBT community by a major company – which is always welcomed.


But more importantly it’s a very clear message to their users and the rest of the world: this is what we stand for. We are unafraid advocates of the LGBT community and who uses Firefox anyway?

So why is that message important?

Like Simon Sinek says “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.
People build tribes and buy from companies that share their own value system and OkCupid has made their value system very clear.

Need another example?
Two words: Apple fans.

I’ve always been a fan of OkCupid’s human branding.
They’re not afraid of being different, courages and calling a spade a shovel.

They don’t fluff their site with buzzwords that are never backed up with action.
You know the ones: fun, sexy, inclusive, innovative and the list goes on.

Instead they focus on helping you connect.
(Which is what you want from any dating website)
And they do it, mathematically.

They’re unapologetic about their business model and unapologetic about their opinions. Incredibly refreshing.

I’ve been droning on about ‘brand values’ for years, what do we stand for? what do we do? why do we do it?
Because if mathematicians can get their brand values right… you can too.

Need some brand values?
Ask yourself:

  • What are we here to do?
  • How can we get our audience to remember our brand?
  • What emotion do we want our audience to feel about the brand?
  • And why are we doing this?

If a dating site can take a courageous stance, anybody can…

Update: Since I wrote this post it’s just come out in the press that Mozilla have fired their CEO for his anti-gay stance. How’s that for incredible?